Replay Screencast 1.21

Replay Screencast 1.21: The Easy Way to Make Awesome Screen Capture Videos. Replay Screencast is the easiest way to capture whatever you see on your screen, and turn it into a movie file, or "screencast." You can also record audio from the microphone or any other source. It`s a great way to make awesome Software or Web site Tutorials, make videos from Powerpoint presentations, record IM and Chat sessions, record Webcasts, and more! Just click the Record button, and your video is build automatically while you narrate.

Movavi Screen Capture 2.1: Use Movavi Screen Capture to create studio-quality screencasts
Movavi Screen Capture 2.1

screencasts. Solve any software-related misunderstanding with grace - show what`s happening on your computer screen. Video tutorials or reports for clueless support engineers are made by a mouse click. * Create studio-quality screencasts * Record tutorials for uploading to your blog. * Grab webinars for later reviewing. * Convert screencasts for more than 180 mobile devices. * Record the program`s sounds or your own narration. * Choose any program

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio 4: The ultimate screen capture software with built-in video editor and DVD burner
Movavi Screen Capture Studio 4

The ultimate screen recorder, Screen Capture Studio can be used to capture any activity on your screen: games, online video, screencasts, webcam, or video chats. Use the ready-made presets with optimal settings for most common types of screencasting. Edit recordings using the full-featured video editor to create video tutorials with captions and voiceover, special effects, transitions, and music.

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Grabilla for screenshot and screencast 1.09: Take a screenshot or record screencast, upload it and share in three clicks
Grabilla for screenshot and screencast 1.09

How to take a screen shot or screencast in one click? You don`t have to press print screen, edit or upload your picture, just run this simplest windows program to take a screenshot or screencast with single click and share it with friends. After capturing your screen, screenshot will be automatically uploaded to our server and you`ll get an address that you can share the way you like. You can paste it in your instant messenger or post to Facebook

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Camtasia_Studio 2011: Try Camtasia Studio free for 30 days! Record anything you see on your PC screen,
Camtasia_Studio 2011

Try Camtasia Studio free for 30 days! Record anything you see on your PC screen, edit into a professional screencast you can share instantly.Camtasia Studio has always been more than a simple screen recorder. Now, with Camtasia Studio 7, we’ve redesigned and rebuilt it to help you generate sophisticated, effective screencasts—faster, easier, and with more consistency.

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Screen2Avi 1.1: Screen2Avi is a free screen capturer, produces screencasts and screenshots
Screen2Avi 1.1

About : Screen2Avi is a free screen capturer capable to produce screencasts and screenshots from your desktop. Comes with two flavours installable and portable. Produces excellent quality captured screencasts with no effort at all.

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ScreenCast Pro Broadcast Your Screen,together with video from camera,sound from sound card.
ScreenCast Pro

ScreenCast Pro is a simple and easy to use program to send your screen,together with video and audio to each computer of your Windows network.Each computer can view your screen,see your video,and hear your voice or your PC`s sound in real time remotely - all from their location! This is an ideal solution for education, training and demonstration at schools or in companies. You can use ScreenCast Pro for a variety of tasks: teaching in several classrooms

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